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My first event as a professional sports photographer

Shortly after hanging up my shingle to become a full-time sports photographer, I was contacted by Skate Canada to see if I would be interested in being the official photographer for the upcoming Canadian National Adult Figure Skating Championships.  Of course, I immediately said yes. Fake it ‘til you make it I always say!

Moving From Paper to On-Line Forms

One of the lessons I learned at my very first event was that paper forms are terrible. It is hard to read people’s handwriting and they don’t always provide the information I needed. So here is a look at my integration of on-line forms into my workflow.

Using Photo Mechanic to Improve Workflow

Photo Mechanic is a complete game changer. When I first looked at PM, I thought that it didn’t really do much more than I could already do in Lightroom. I was wrong. I will discuss how PM has improved my workflow and completely changed my business model.

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